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Tiny Hands

Tiny Hands - By Rachel Coleman
Baby Signing Time Vol. 3 - A New Day

Tiny hands fists closed tight
Tiny dreams held inside
Tiny hands how they’ve grown
Like the babe I used to know

Tiny mouth, button nose
Eyes closed tight breathing slow
Tiny face how it’s grown
Like the babe I used to know

For me it feels like yesterday, just yesterday to me
I looked into your tiny face, your tiny face held me
Of course I know all children grow
All children grow of course I know…..
I didn’t know how fast you’d grow

Tiny feet awkward now
Pirouette, take a bow
Tiny toes how they’ve grown
Like the babe I used to know

For me it feels like yesterday, just yesterday to me
I looked into your tiny face, your tiny face held me
Of course I know all children grow
All children grow of course I know…..
But I didn’t know how fast you’d grow

Tiny child fall asleep
Close your eyes find your dreams
Tiny child how you’ve grown
You’re still the babe I used to know

Today, Sorsha has her Kindergarten Assessment at Village Christian School. My baby is growing up! This morning, Soren requested Baby Signing Time Vol. 3 for Screen time. I popped it in and he watched. Sorsha woke up just before it ended. This song is the last song on the disc, I had just posted on FB about her assessment and she snuggled up next to me. When the song reached the part about how fast they grow, showing Alex & Leah on screen first as 2 & 3 year olds from the original ST show, vol 1; then to a "current" shot of them at about 9-10 years old, I started bawling. It caught me off-guard and emotional. I am so excited for my little girl growing up, but I can't help but be emotional seeing as that tiny baby I held just yesterday (okay nearly 5 years ago) is growing to be an independant little girl and we are making preparations for her to leave my side and be her own self in the big world of school.

Writer's Block: 5//7//5

Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.

Mom and daughter day
playing, shopping at the mall
couldn't be better!


I can't sleep. It's 4:30am; been awake since 2:45 :(

The long story....Collapse )
A little background first....

A few weeks ago Matt installed a microwave over the stove with a cbinet above; covering the window, but giving us a bunch of counter-space back.

Also, if you've ever come in to my kitchen on a non-party/special occasion; you've probably noticed our drying-rack full of dishes. Its perpetually this way. Matt and I both hate our cupboard which holds the pots/pans/corningware/tupperware (yeas all in ONE cupboard with no dividers, just two big shelves and constantly disorganized with too much stuff in there). So we often ignore the dishes in the sink because its somuch of a pain to put them away and they just get pulled out of the sink to be used again (I know, pathertic).

Now on to my story...

I cleaned our kitchen yesterday evening. Put away all the dishes in the sink, and cleared the countertops. It was gloriously clean, like after Mayra (our cleaning lady) clean. I called Matt in to bask in the wonderfulness of the clean and after doing so, we checked the fridge for "2nd dinner" er, snack and noticed that the water container in the fridge needed to be filled.

Matt got something to eat, I got the pitcher out, set it on the counter (in the area where we used to have a micro and couldn't set things but now could) and swiveled the filtered water spiguot and set it to fill. The filtered water comes out *really* slow so I walked away to put something away in my bedroom and then proceeded to *forget* about the running water.

We then watched survivor together and following that I was planning to take my medicine (which was in the kitchen) and head to bed early (a little after 9pm). I walked in to find the water still running.

the floor was wet, I went to get towels and tell Matt. When I returned to fully assess the situation, I realized it was BAD. REALLY BAD. There was water all through the kitchen and the service porch, all the way to my back door, under the fridge, the roll-away dishwasher, the washing machine, the dryer and the cat litter box.

We knew we'd have to move all the appliances and decided towels were insufficient, so got the shopvac and started sucking up water. Then drying the rest with towels.

Matt was working on the area under the washing machine when I was wiping down the countertop and went to wipe anything out of the drawers. I couldn't get the top drawer to open immediately, then when I did discovered it was even worse than we thought. All four drawers were filled to the brim with water too!

So, empty each drawer, silverware, utensils, cookie cutters, recipes (yeah a lot of them were too far gone to save, but several were saveable by laying them out to dry), bags drawer (ziplocks of every size, foil, plastic wrap, etc. etc.), towel drawer with lots of sopping wet towels, bibs, washclothes). Clean everything inside, dry them out., run a couple loads of laundry to clean all the towels between the dish-towel drawer and those used on the floor. Fill up the dishwasher to clean most of the utensils (along with what I had put in earlier from dinner which wasn't full enough to run).

so. needless to say, we didn't get to bed early, but instead LATE, QUITE LATE.

permanent damage? Well, I don't know yet but my hand-mixer might not work, it was fully under water in one of the drawers. I'm letting it dry out fully before trying it. The other problem is the drawers. They are now warped somewhat and one in particular is sticking majorly. We're going to have to pull them out and sand down where the drawer and frame are now rubbing against eachother in hopes to make it open and close smoothly. Gotta wait until everything is completely dry to asses just how bad it is.

The up-side? since I do try to see the positives whenever possible. All my drawers have been cleaned out and excess junk gotten rid of, my kitchen is far cleaner than it has been in a good long while, especially the floors underneath & behind the applainces. Despite just how bad it was, Matt and I handled the situation quite well. Neither one of us ever raised a voice or argued, we just put out heads down and got to work cleaning it up and we worked together, even laughed over it.

I'll never make *that* mistake again!
both kids alseep, in the middle of the day? And a clean house? If only under better circumstances, I'd be leaping for joy!

Monday we had an all-day playdate with friend Luke & Kaitlyn, visiting from Oregon. Brad and Jill brought down 5 middle-schoolers and another couple for a mission trip to LA. They were here for a BUSY week (serving at 3 different places...homeless shelter for men, Women's shelter and retired missionary's homes, attending our church, sight-seeing and a day at Disneyland).

I took Luke and Kaitlyn for them on Monday while they did some work with the teens. We headed over to Travel Town, had our lunch there, rode the train and explored for a good 2 hours. Then we came back to my house and had some "quiet" time while Soren napped (the three older kids played in the den with the doll house and train sets). In my best "June Cleaver" impersonation we then baked cookies together (though from a mix, not scratch) and I let all the kids play in the bounce house while they baked. Following bounce house and other backyard activities Matt arrived home just in time to help with dinner and baths (I had promised Brad & Jill I would bathe them as it would be the only bath those two kids got all week!). We cooked easy spaghetti & meatballs and served it up with carrot sticks & ranch. All gobbled it up (Kaitlyn surprised me by eating 3 meatballs - she's usually not the biggest of eaters and a bit picky, but apparently I offered the *right* thing!).

Matt finished up eating quickly as he was headed to the World Baseball classic Final game at Dodger Stadium (lucky guy!).

Another church friend, Emmy and her mom Kathy arrived while we were still eating to have a little bit more time with Luke and Kaitlyn. This worked out well and Brad called and needed me to bring the kids down to the church as they were having some trouble with their church van and it was being worked on. I got Kathy to take them and didn't have to load my kids up and head out (being that Matt was gone already).

It was a lovely day, very enjoyable and reminded me how much I miss them and I especially miss the playdates with Sorsha and Kaitlyn. They have always played so well together (the year difference in age always helped it be smooth as opposed to playdates with the same age friends that sometimes turn rocky when both kids want the same toy, etc.).

Sorsha was VERY tired following this long day and both my kids were sound asleep BEFORE 7pm.

Unfortunately come 4am, Sorsha woke up with a 101.4º fever. She was thirsty beyond belief and burning up. ALL day Tuesday, she layed on the couch, listless and I just kept counting the minutes until I could give her another dose of tylenol or motrin. It was *BAD*. She hardly ate, but I just kept giving her the fluids. I HAD to go to the grocery store (was out of seemingly EVERYTHING but most importantly, milk for Soren). So I took them and the entire time she was complaining of the store being too cold and wanting to go home. I did it as quick as possible and got her back home and laying on the couch again, which is where she fell asleep for a nap. She voluntarily went to bed at about 6pm that evening (after having taken a 1.5 hour NAP in the afternoon!). Keeping Soren occupied and away from her (he was bothersome to her) all day was challenging but we managed.

The fevers continued all night and by morning, were really not better. I was thankful she was going to Nana's house as I knew she'd get individual attention and love. I really expected to fevers to break by that afternoon too. But they didn't. She took another nap there and when she came home that evening pretty much headed straight for bed. The fever then spiked to 105º. Yikes! She was asleep though and so we prayed it would break by morning and just kept the meds going and trying to get the fever down.

By morning the fever did break and I thought we were through it. My mom took Soren for the day and Sorsha had perked up quite a bit. We went out to lunch with daddy, but by the time we were done with that the fever was coming back and she was getting lethargic again. That's when I called the doctor; but didn't get a return call until this morning. These fevers were low-grade and she still had some energy and by then a runny nose and minor cough. Once again I was hoping it to be nearly over, but when she woke this morning it was at 101º *still*.

The doctor did call back this morning and we got her in to be examined (with another pediatrician in the office as our doctor is on vacation) as I was thinking maybe it was strep throat or something. Turns out she has an ear infection in the left ear. Its her first ear infection, we've been lucky so far to avoid that with her (Soren has already had one). She's now on antibiotics and this afternoon has fallen asleep for another nap. It's a real bummer when your child is sick. I'm glad to have a diagnosis and to know that she should be feeling better soon. This has been a pretty LONG week and I've just felt so bad for her as she's clearly been MISERABLE.

too darn long!

I was determined to take a walk this morning, though I had hoped to go for an outing with Celi, Myla ended up sick and it was just poor timing for a walk with the boys' feeding time approaching. So, I figured I'd do a walk with the kids in the stroller. When I mentioned such to Sorsha she looked at me and said. "I prefer a hike." (yes, just like that!)

I have really been wanting to hike again...Why'd you go and move away on my Bobbi? I miss it sooo very much but have not found someone who equally wants to be out on the trails as me. Celi and I talk about it a lot but it just hasn't happened. Either one of the five kids are sick or one of us or its raining, etc. etc. My kids are both well this week, but alas, Myla is sick.

I was bummed, then I started thinking. *what's* the difference between me pushing the stroller around our neighborhood by myself and pushing it along Gabrielino Trail by myself. There's cell reception there, its paved most of the way, only about a 15 minute drive away; there's ALWAYS people running, biking, etc. along that trail too. So I did it. I got the stroller and kids in the van and drove to JPL to do my walk there.

It was soooo very beautiful. A perfect day for walking/hiking. The breeze was nice, the weather comfortable, but the best part was the NATURE. The sound of birds chirping, the creak flowing, wind trustling the bushes and trees. The smell of nature...trees, dust, the smell of the stream with its flowing water. And the beautiful sights. Trees, rocks, a creek, even poison oak. There really is a ZEN to exercizing in nature as opposed to along city streets. So good for my overall health, not just the value of getting out and moving, but the mental aspect of it.

The kids got so much out of it this morning too. I took their water shoes and a change of clothes for each, which allowed them to play in the creek for a short bit before I turned around to head back to the car. This was Soren's first time in watershoes and first time he could truly PLAY in a creek (last time I took them to a creek he was just barely walking and fell asleep in the backpack so didn't get to experience it). And while typically on my walks Sorsha reads her books and plays with her magnet toy, oblivious to the "scenery" passing by...this time she neer even requested a book. Was THRILLED to look at the mountains, trees, rocks, talk about them and had the reward of playing in the water. Who needs books when you've got nature surrounding you?

I am soooo glad I did it this morning and I intend to do it regularly. No more using the excuse of not having someone to go with me. I still wont be able to hit some of my FAVORITE spots as they are further into nature and my hubby just isn' comfy with me being out in the middle of nowhere with both kids and no cell reception. I understand this and respect it. There are MANY places I CAN go that are perfectly safe, stroller accessible and will give me the nature fix I so crave without relying on someone going with me. Plus, as the kids are both getting bigger, Its a LOT easier to get out and about with both of them. No More nursing Soren, Sorsha can walk most of the way when she's in the mood for it and the benefits for the kids as well are boundless.

I'm sad that I let myself get out of the practice of regularly going to nature spots right here in out backyard and especially sad that I haven't been making it a priority like I used to. Here's to changing that!

Confidence boost

So, I'm the Pre-school press editor for our Parent Ed program. A volunteer position I enjoy immensly. Its right up my alley, I get to do the majority of the work from my home on my own time and for me, it's easy (when you are skilled in graphic design, then laying out a newpaper is not rocket-science; when you are NOT SKILLED in such it can be many frustrating hours to do what I do in a few...just the nature of the beast). Being such, makes me a member of the Board of the Burbank Parent Education Council. Also, QUITE ENJOYABLE as it is a team of phenomenal people who all work together to make our program the best it can be. I have met so many lovely people and become friends with them.

As part of the board, I was required to help with the biggest fundraiser of the year- the BPEC Fashion Show. Early in the year Melanie (the QUEEN of the Fashion show...this lady really knows how to plan an event and sure does a fantastic job at it!) mentioned the need for models. Basically stating "if you can walk in a straight line and don't faint with lights shining on you, YOU can be a model". Well I meet *those* qualifications. And I also figured, since I had to be at the fashion show anyway, why not be a model? It could be fun.

Being a model did require a bit more advance work (fittings, rehearsal). But still, I was feeling okay with it. Then this week, I needed to get a few things in order...new undergarments...you all heard about the new non-nursing bras - of course I was rather regretting having weaned Soren for my deflated breasts did leave a lot to be desired. I now understand the need for the "push-up bra" and some pantyhose with spanx to make the middle jiggly section less, well jiggly. My long black boots were in TERRIBLE shape, so I headed out to the mall for new ones (of course all boots are on clearance as it the end of boot season and finding my size, 8.5 proved difficult being its a very comon size). I did score boots at Sears of all places. Size 7, which were WAY BIGGER THAN 7! And fit just perfect. I almost didn't try them on except for desperation and that they were on sale for $29.99 (regular $125). Was I glad to have tried. They fit perfectly and I bought them, as well as a brown pair in my proper size that fit just as well as the horribly mis-labeled size 7s.

Wth l all my items secured and ready, last night I was starting to think about it and wondered *WHAT* the heck I was thinking when I agreed to do this. I'm not a shy person, but I'm not all that outgoing either. And I'm not necessarily all that comfortable with my body. Especially the post-pregnancy, post-nursing body I now have. I knew the fashions we had chosen were well suited for my body and that I didn't have anything to worry about, yet it did hit me and I was nervous. And I think rightfully so. Walking the "cat walk" in front of 200 other women is a big deal. I know they are all moms and grandmas, all part of our program and all supporting us models, yet I couldn't help but wonder what gave me the courage to say "I'll do it!" when those 200 others didn't have that courage. My friend Bobbi pointed me in the direction of another friend's blog about how she had gone to a fashion show with "regular women" modelling lingerie. She talked about how she felt she'd never have the courage to model, but then about how she thought all these women were so beautiful, never had a thought at all about any part of them being anything but beautiful and how they probably were really glad to have done it even if they were unsure of their own body-image. This boosted my courage some and I thought about how I would view ladies like me on-stage. I know I wouldn't be looking at their flaws but instead admiring their courage. It was just what I needed to prepare myself.

Bright and early this morning I made my way to the Castaways with a van full of opportunity baskets that had been piled in there the day prior. I had my make-up and hair done. The hair-style was *just* what Melanie and Melissa had asked of the stylists...sleak and sexy, NO Prom-night dos, but I had NEVER gone with a straightened hairstyle. It was not at all what I had imagined (I go for the flowing slightly curled natural do whenever I have it done at all) yet it was hip and fun and sleak and well, perfect for the occasion. The make-up while there was a LOT more than I'm used to (necessary with all the lights I'm told), was not at all clown-ish or overdone. I felt so Pampered. Something I would not have gotten out of today had I not been a model.

Then we waited. I helped with baskets, with balloons, with a variety of things. Then I enjoyed the company of friends and dropped my tickets hopefully into the bins for several baskets, but mostly in the basket with the Wii. call-time came and I got into my first dress in the tiniest room with too many of us crowded in there trying to dress. As we taped the dress to my breasts (just in case!) and I slipped my shoes on, I thought "this is it; no turning back...it's ON". We waited backstage; all a bit jittery and talking about nerves, fixing tags and little showing bras, etc. and the music started. I was THANKFUL to be in the middle of the group. not first, not last. And when the time came, I took a deep breath and walked confidently on stage. My floor-length green dress (from Diana's Boutique) flowing as I walked. I remembered to take my time, look both directions into the crowd and Strike a pose at the end of the runway. Turned to show the outfit to the side audiences, and to show off the back, and then stepped down off the runway and backstage. It went so fast and such a BLUR. I don't remember making any eye-contact with anyone on that walk, and I *think* I remembered to smile, maybe not while walking but at least when I posed. I didn't trip and 1/3rd of the show was now done!

We were excused to our tables (after changing back into our own clothes) and I got to eat most of my salad, when it was time for us to get dressed for the second segment. The gals at my table graciously held my food for me as well as my opportunity basket tickets so they could claim the basket for me in the case that I actually win one when not sitting at the table (wishful thinking huh?). The girls all thought I had done a great job and loved the dress thinking I should purchase it after the show. I might have, if I could imagine wearing it enough, but being floor-length its not one I can wear to casual events and realistacally, I just don't have enough formal opportunities to warrant another formal dress.

The second segment was from a store called Volume Jeans and we all had jean dresses, jumpers, or pants. Mine was a zipper-front dress, which was a great length for walking the fashion show but I doubt I'd be comfortable in it for anything else as when I sat in it, it krept up tooooo high! It was cute none-the-less and the black boots went fantastically with it. This walk down the runway was more relaxed (I had enperience now!) and I KNOW that I smiled more. As I was walking off-stage this time, I heard a few compliments on the boots, which made me smile.

The final segment I wore an extremely cute handkerchief hem green, black and white dress. Casual, yet able to be dressed up or down. It was one I would NEVER have pulled off the rack at a store to try on, except that the store-owner had suggested it. When I put it on; it was PERFECT for me. Highlighted my cleavage, showed off my legs, yet was conservative enough that I was comfortable in it. My confidence was much higher for this last segment and being that I loved the dress, I felt all the nerves go away. I KNOW I Smiled a lot and I made eye-contact with several audience members. I can actually say I FELT GOOD up there. And as I exited I got MANY compliments, that people liked it and it suited me well. I had intended to buy the dress from the day I had tried it on two weeks ago, but following that segment when about 10 people said it was great, I should get it, there was no question. I purchased the dress from Divazz and was thrilled to have *something* to bring home as I was *not* among the lucky winners of an opportunity basket.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had today to step out of my normal comfort-zone and model. I am so glad I did it. So glad I put my inhibitions about my self-image behind and took the courage to step out on the runway and so relieved that it is over and I can go back to my "normal" life. Will I be a model again next year? I think so. Why not? I've done it before!


Typically a January activity, I never got to it this year until today.

I cleared out all of the 2006 and earlier bank statements, credit card bills and the like from my filing cabinet. (I of course kept the important tax documents and other such that are required to be kept for longer).

Being that in 2007, I went paperless on nearly all of my bills, the filing cabinet is getting eptier and emptier. And I definitely feel good about this. Especially the green aspect of it. If only there were a way to get them to STOP SENDING ME THE MAILERS! I'm in the process of getting all the catalogs and the like that I receive STOPPED. It's ridiculous. These things go directly from my mailbox and porch to the RECYCLE BIN.

The kids and I had a shred-fest this afternoon. It was actually fun. I started and Sorsha wanted to help. Soren was just enjoying his snack when he just couldn't help but join in as well, grabbing a paper at a time and trying to feed it into the machine. Mommy supervised closely as we didn't want any little fingers anywhere close to the opening! We filled and entire 30 gallon trashbag with shreddings. It require 5 dumpings of the bin under the shredder. It is all done and now in our recycling bin.

I also managed to file away about 3 months worth of papers that needed filing. Of course as I receive so little in paper form, it wasn't all that much...mostly pay-stubs, kids artwork and a few bills from companies that don't do paperless billing.

It feels good to have purged it all. In another a couple years I wont have much of a job at purging every January!

Merry Christmas

Now, normally, Christmas is an event I stress over. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I always worried about every little detail and finding the perfect gifts for so many people and making the perfect meal and on and on...

This year its different. I can't tell you what it is that made it different event/life-wise, but my attitude is a whole lot different. A whole lot humbler and more about the reason we celebrate, than the materialistic things.

We are not into the Santa bit. Until this year we hadn't made a conscious choice necessarily either way as Sorsha was just too little to "get it", so we let her think of Santa as a "decoration", just like snowmen, etc. This year, we thought about it and talked about it. What we have always taught Sorsha is that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. She knows full well that Jesus came to live on earth and then to die for us. This is our most basic belief. We definately play up that Jesus is soooo very important that everyone gets gifts on His birthday. We talk about how he was a very special baby. We found a great DVD called "The Very First Noel" Its narrated by Andy Griffith and it is an animated version of the nativity story, from the Wise Men's point of view. Excellently done. This has been a good tool in helping Sorsha understand Christmas and its importance. She got 4 visits with Santa this year, none of which did we set up or try, just as part of the regular activities she does. One was at My Mother-in-Law's Christmas party, twice at Parent Ed and once by complete accident at the Library. She seems to get that Santa brings presents as each time she saw him, she received something...we are just letting her think of him as yet another character, like the princesses or Winnie the Pooh and thus she thinks he's grand, but he's not the focus. I hope to be able to continue in future years to focus Christmas on the birth of our Savior, while allowing her to enjoy Santa, snowmen, reindeer, etc. I don't want to completely take away the joys these things bring to childhood, just keep it in perspective.

We didn't shop for Christmas gifts until last weekend. Yes, we waited for the "last minute" just because that's what it came down to. In years past, this would have totally stressed me out, I would be going crazy not having it done, would have been stressed about going out into the masses at such a late date, about there being "nothing left", etc. etc. This year, while I wanted to get it taken care of, I wasn't stressed. That's when we had nailed down what to get people and that's when we went and got it. Nothing to it. Stress free. Imagine that!?!?!?

Our children are getting a whopping 4 gifts each under our tree this year from us. They will be/have already been spoiled by grandparents and other family and friends. We have way too much stuff for them anyway and so I kept it extremely simple. A few books and games for Sorsha, the newest Baby Signing Time stuff for Soren. If only I could convice my relatives that less is more...we'll work on that for next year.

Matt and I promised to keep it simple between us as well. We just went to Hawaii last month and there really is no need to be extravagant. His love for me and the kids, his dedication to us, his warmth and tenderness. These things are what its all about. I don't need an overpriced gift wrapped under the tree to know that he cares about me and is thinking of me and I know he feels the same way.

I am very peaceful tonight. I hope you find peace in knowing that Christmas is all about a humble beginning for our Lord and Savior. All other things cannot compare to the empty tomb and tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who would die for us and three days later raise up leaving his tomb empty; that we would have eternal life in Him.


There are many things I am thankful for this Holiday, but only one person I am thankful TO.

God has blessed me with a wonderful, loving, handsome, caring Husband (and you all know there are a ton more adjectives to add to that list). He has blessed Matt and I with two beautiful, healthy, happy children. I never knew I had so much love in me, until these blessings came to us.

Sorsha is such a loving little girl and she's so inquisitive, cheerful, funny and sensitive. I see bits of myself and my husband in her every day and she never ceases to amaze me, amuse me, frustrate me and show me her beauty from the inside (and I do feel blessed even with the frustration as it usually is due to her asserting her independance and strength...two qualities which I'm proud to foster, even though it can be very frustrating!)

Soren, my baby boy, my love. He's so happy all the time, so content, yet very strong. He holds his own with his controlling sister and he is very determined. He is snuggly sometimes and a complete wiggle-worm at other times. He loves to laugh and is extremely playful. He can really show when he's upset though! If we are eating and he isn't getting something to eat himself...he'll start screaming and really getting angry. When we take tings away that he shouldn't have, oh man, the wrath! But, just as quickly he calms down and shows his love again. He's a good sleeper (a true blessing!) and he' a fantastic eater too.

We just took a trip to Hawaii. I'm so lucky to be able to travel and to be able to show our children places other than home. I'm grateful that we were able to take not one vacation this year, but two. It is very important to get away sometimes and I'm happy we have the means to do this.

A few weeks ago, right before our Hawaii trip, Matt's work announced a plan for reduced hours. We were scared, frustrated, and not sure how it would all play out. But we focussed our attention on the blessings we have and did not fret. Our prayer was not for more money, nor for a new job for Matt or anything of the sort. Our prayer was that we would stay focussed on God and what he has provided us. That we would enjoy our vacation and not worry over the finances. That we would continue to believe firmly, that whatever happened, God would provide, he always has and we were confident he would again.

Well, when you put your trust in Jesus and you believe with your whole heart that he will provide for you. He does it. Matt's work got a new HUGE project in and he's the lead on it. Not only does he not have to reduce his hours...they've told him that he doesn't need to use ALL his vacation before the end of the year, and even has approved him for some overtime as needed. Quite the different story than the 20 hours a week we were facing before leaving for Hawaii.

So I am thankful to God for providing for us and for blessing us. I am thankful for a living God who works in our lives and shows us daily his wonderful love and grace. I am thankful. Period.