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There are many things I am thankful for this Holiday, but only one person I am thankful TO.

God has blessed me with a wonderful, loving, handsome, caring Husband (and you all know there are a ton more adjectives to add to that list). He has blessed Matt and I with two beautiful, healthy, happy children. I never knew I had so much love in me, until these blessings came to us.

Sorsha is such a loving little girl and she's so inquisitive, cheerful, funny and sensitive. I see bits of myself and my husband in her every day and she never ceases to amaze me, amuse me, frustrate me and show me her beauty from the inside (and I do feel blessed even with the frustration as it usually is due to her asserting her independance and strength...two qualities which I'm proud to foster, even though it can be very frustrating!)

Soren, my baby boy, my love. He's so happy all the time, so content, yet very strong. He holds his own with his controlling sister and he is very determined. He is snuggly sometimes and a complete wiggle-worm at other times. He loves to laugh and is extremely playful. He can really show when he's upset though! If we are eating and he isn't getting something to eat himself...he'll start screaming and really getting angry. When we take tings away that he shouldn't have, oh man, the wrath! But, just as quickly he calms down and shows his love again. He's a good sleeper (a true blessing!) and he' a fantastic eater too.

We just took a trip to Hawaii. I'm so lucky to be able to travel and to be able to show our children places other than home. I'm grateful that we were able to take not one vacation this year, but two. It is very important to get away sometimes and I'm happy we have the means to do this.

A few weeks ago, right before our Hawaii trip, Matt's work announced a plan for reduced hours. We were scared, frustrated, and not sure how it would all play out. But we focussed our attention on the blessings we have and did not fret. Our prayer was not for more money, nor for a new job for Matt or anything of the sort. Our prayer was that we would stay focussed on God and what he has provided us. That we would enjoy our vacation and not worry over the finances. That we would continue to believe firmly, that whatever happened, God would provide, he always has and we were confident he would again.

Well, when you put your trust in Jesus and you believe with your whole heart that he will provide for you. He does it. Matt's work got a new HUGE project in and he's the lead on it. Not only does he not have to reduce his hours...they've told him that he doesn't need to use ALL his vacation before the end of the year, and even has approved him for some overtime as needed. Quite the different story than the 20 hours a week we were facing before leaving for Hawaii.

So I am thankful to God for providing for us and for blessing us. I am thankful for a living God who works in our lives and shows us daily his wonderful love and grace. I am thankful. Period.


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Nov. 29th, 2008 01:00 am (UTC)
Very nice post, and great news :) Glad to hear. Happy Thanksgiving :D
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