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A little background first....

A few weeks ago Matt installed a microwave over the stove with a cbinet above; covering the window, but giving us a bunch of counter-space back.

Also, if you've ever come in to my kitchen on a non-party/special occasion; you've probably noticed our drying-rack full of dishes. Its perpetually this way. Matt and I both hate our cupboard which holds the pots/pans/corningware/tupperware (yeas all in ONE cupboard with no dividers, just two big shelves and constantly disorganized with too much stuff in there). So we often ignore the dishes in the sink because its somuch of a pain to put them away and they just get pulled out of the sink to be used again (I know, pathertic).

Now on to my story...

I cleaned our kitchen yesterday evening. Put away all the dishes in the sink, and cleared the countertops. It was gloriously clean, like after Mayra (our cleaning lady) clean. I called Matt in to bask in the wonderfulness of the clean and after doing so, we checked the fridge for "2nd dinner" er, snack and noticed that the water container in the fridge needed to be filled.

Matt got something to eat, I got the pitcher out, set it on the counter (in the area where we used to have a micro and couldn't set things but now could) and swiveled the filtered water spiguot and set it to fill. The filtered water comes out *really* slow so I walked away to put something away in my bedroom and then proceeded to *forget* about the running water.

We then watched survivor together and following that I was planning to take my medicine (which was in the kitchen) and head to bed early (a little after 9pm). I walked in to find the water still running.

the floor was wet, I went to get towels and tell Matt. When I returned to fully assess the situation, I realized it was BAD. REALLY BAD. There was water all through the kitchen and the service porch, all the way to my back door, under the fridge, the roll-away dishwasher, the washing machine, the dryer and the cat litter box.

We knew we'd have to move all the appliances and decided towels were insufficient, so got the shopvac and started sucking up water. Then drying the rest with towels.

Matt was working on the area under the washing machine when I was wiping down the countertop and went to wipe anything out of the drawers. I couldn't get the top drawer to open immediately, then when I did discovered it was even worse than we thought. All four drawers were filled to the brim with water too!

So, empty each drawer, silverware, utensils, cookie cutters, recipes (yeah a lot of them were too far gone to save, but several were saveable by laying them out to dry), bags drawer (ziplocks of every size, foil, plastic wrap, etc. etc.), towel drawer with lots of sopping wet towels, bibs, washclothes). Clean everything inside, dry them out., run a couple loads of laundry to clean all the towels between the dish-towel drawer and those used on the floor. Fill up the dishwasher to clean most of the utensils (along with what I had put in earlier from dinner which wasn't full enough to run).

so. needless to say, we didn't get to bed early, but instead LATE, QUITE LATE.

permanent damage? Well, I don't know yet but my hand-mixer might not work, it was fully under water in one of the drawers. I'm letting it dry out fully before trying it. The other problem is the drawers. They are now warped somewhat and one in particular is sticking majorly. We're going to have to pull them out and sand down where the drawer and frame are now rubbing against eachother in hopes to make it open and close smoothly. Gotta wait until everything is completely dry to asses just how bad it is.

The up-side? since I do try to see the positives whenever possible. All my drawers have been cleaned out and excess junk gotten rid of, my kitchen is far cleaner than it has been in a good long while, especially the floors underneath & behind the applainces. Despite just how bad it was, Matt and I handled the situation quite well. Neither one of us ever raised a voice or argued, we just put out heads down and got to work cleaning it up and we worked together, even laughed over it.

I'll never make *that* mistake again!


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May. 8th, 2009 06:48 pm (UTC)
May. 8th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
Oi!! Well, I was going to offer: at least your kitchen is much much cleaner now, but you beat me to it!!

Glad you guys worked it out well together without argue, and I hope stuff dries out all OK and you can get the warped stuff smooth again.

Sounds like something I would do too! (head-palm)

May. 9th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
Oh what a mess! But at least you two have a good attitude about things :)
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